A module for defining trust relationships in FOAF

Eric Vitiello Jr., 22 July 2002

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Eric Vitiello Jr.


trust is a module for use in FOAF documents, allowing the user to describe in detail the trust between one user and another, and the subject upon which that trust is based.

The RDF Schema is located here.


This schema has a very specific purpose, and varied applications. I state this to avoid confusion about the future development direction and current purpose.

in determining the trust relationship between individuals in FOAF circles, we need a specification to define a number of things to describe this relationship.

  1. The person instilling the trust
  2. The person who is the target
  3. The level of trust
  4. The subject of trust

One point needs to be made clear that will explain my direction: I'm only concerned with the implementation of this schema as a method for fully describing the trust relationship - it is up to the application designer to determine the algorithm used in calculating the extended distant levels of trust. It is also not my desire to set authentication for trust - the wot schema does an excellent job via PGP signatures.

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To define the level of trust there are various elements to use:

The rdf:Reference attribute of one of these elements should refer (via URI) to the target of the trust.

The subject of the trust is defined via the subject element, and correponding subjectDescription element.



   <foaf:Person rdf:about="#Morbus">
    <rdfs:subject rdf:resource="" />



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