More data!

So over the years I have built RSS feeds to give me status updates of various things -- mainly computers that I manage, drive space free, and statistics for websites.

So I was checking the total number of minutes used on my mobile phone for the month and thought it would be wonderful if they provided an RSS feed update each day of the total minutes left, how much extra time I've used, the last phone numbers called, etc. I could subscribe to this feed (password protected, of course), and see, very easily what the status of the phone is.

This could be expanded to other utilities as well -- your long distance carrier, electric company, water company, bank accounts, credit accounts.

We have a few grocery stores locally that require you to have a "membership card" to get the best prices on their products. The most famous around here is Kroger's "Plus Card". Apparently they keep track of the things you buy. I'd love to have a feed with how much I've spent at Kroger's for the month, year, quarter, etc... maybe even what items I buy most, etc.

I love data and statistics, and I want more of it!