New Hobby

As if I needed another, I've (and the rest of the family) have picked up a new hobby: Geocaching. If you have a GPS (preferably handheld), I'm sure you've heard of it. The website lists loads of "Caches". We like t call them "Treasure Chests" or other more interesting terms since we have a 3 year old. Anyway, the website lists the latitde and longitude of tons of these things. In over 180 countries. So I got a GPS for the laptop for christmas from my parents, so for the first few caches we lugged the laptop around the woods, which was very hard to do. So we came in contact with "KyVoyager" who has setup quite a few caches in the area and he was selling a Garmin eTrex Legend handheld GPS. Now this game is really fun! So the point is, if you have a GPS, go Geocaching!!