Racked, again.

I have completed another racking of the wine, this will hopefully be the last one.

The primary fermentation is complete, and the SG was at 0.96, which is excellent. This means that after this fermentation, the total alcohol content is around 11.5%, perfect for a nice table wine.

the 2.8 gallon carboy, and the smaller decanter

The wine that was produced has a pleasant nose, and tastes amazingly like a dry white wine. There is a slight bitter undertone, but I beleive that will be reduced when the wine is sweetened (I prefer a slightly sweet wine). I noticed a slight sulpher smell also. Anyone have any clue as to what that is? I read (in Lum Eisenman's book) that a lack of Pantothenic acid in the wine can result in the yeast producing hydrogen sulfide, maybe this was the problem? In any case, the smell quickly goes away when the wine has been exposed to air for a few minutes. And the wine tastes great.

the smaller decanter

I racked the wine into a 2.8 gallon carboy, to make sure that when the lees was removed, the remaining wine would fit nicely into the carboy with little air space. Interestingly, I had enough left over to rack it into another small decanter. This wine will become apple jack after it finishes the clarification process.

In about a month or so the wine will have hopefully clarified itself enough to be bottled.

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