Aggie Template

For those of you following the development of the Aggie Template, the next version fo the template (which requires the not-yet-released version of Aggie), includes the following features:

  • Channel errors are displayed
  • Sorting, grouping, etc of read items
  • removed the aging process that made items display in different sizes, based on the "age" of the item
  • added a main menu
  • Channels are grouped into "Read", "Unread", and "Errors" groups
  • The top item in each channel does not get a border (cleaner style)
  • Fixed problem with Radio entries with no title, having no direct link
  • Added Moveable Type integration
  • Skin Upgrade notification
  • Name of the feed is displayed in keyword matches

The following are still remaining to implement:

  • Categories for feeds

Any other suggestions? If you'd like a copy of this skin, feel free to email me. It will be released with the next version of Aggie, and requires the latest development version to work.