Debunking Dave

I've been quite nice to Dave. I've tried to be civil. I've tried to clue him in that he's wearing rose colored glasses, and he's twisting things around.

But now, he's stating:

I asked if people really cared. No one said they did.

He lies. Many of us said we cared.

He also states:

I have a pretty good idea why Jon Postel died at such a young age. And why Douglas Adams did. The pressure of living a creative life is enormous.

Dave - You've done some interesting things helping RSS along. But you, sir, are no Jon Postel, nor are you anything like Douglass Adams. Don't fool yourself.

Quit bringing up your health. It barely affects your ability to be part of this community... unless of course you've broken all your fingers. Stop the pity party. Stop twisting people's words around, and maybe, just maybe, take off the rose colored glasses.

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