Aggie Stylesheet

We've created an Aggie stylesheet that sports MANY wonderful options.

To use:

  • Extract to your aggie directory.
    • Edit the aggie-pixel.xml file. This is the configuration file for the stylesheet, and allows you to setup all kinds of wonderful things. Read the Comments.
    • Hit the Go! button in Aggie. All Done!

What are the wonderful features you ask?

  • Keywords. That's right. You plu8g a bunch fo keywords into the config file, and anytime one of those keywords pops up in the title or description of an article, it will be placed in the "Keyword Matches" section fo the output.
    • Stocks. Plug in a bunch of stock symbols, and when aggie runs, i will grab the latest stock prices for you. If you add in the quantity of stock you own, it will even calculate your total portfolio's worth for you.
    • Weather. Displays your current local weather. Not available for all cities. Some restrictions may apply. Does not include Tax, License and Registration.
    • Multi-level outline-style Articles. you may set thresholds that display articles differently based on how many articles there are in the channel. Quite handy for those channels with tons of articles.

Coming soon to a stylesheet near you: Amphetadesk compatibility, better browser compatibility (I've only tested this on Win 2000, IE 6. Sorry. I have very limited time.)