SVG 1.1, Mobile profiles to Last Call

The W3C has advanced both SVG 1.1 and Mobile SVG Profiles: SVG Tiny and SVG Basic to Last Call Working Draft status.

Dean Jackson, editor of the 1.1 specification, notes changes in the draft:

"You'll notice a big change in the SVG 1.1 specification, which is now a complete self-contained document. While SVG 1.0 is still the W3C Recommendation, this draft of SVG 1.1 is an updated version and we would appreciate it if developers could use this version in order to provide feedback." New feature highlights include: * simple text wrapping * a solidColor element so all paint servers can be referenced via a URI * Geographic Coordinate metadata update * Porter Duff Compositing and Blending now available on all elements * lots of little bugfixes

Comments are requested on both drafts. (No public archive is available, but the W3C also hosts a public SVG list. The Last Call period ends 15 March 2002.

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