Dear Mr. Disney Feature Animation

Dear Mr. Stainton:

The demise of Disney Feature Animation is the death of the Disney magic.

I am a Disney shareholder and, as most people in the United States, grew up with Disney 2D cel-based animation movies.

I am also an amateur 3D animator, and have been since 1992.

I've stated these things to express to you the strength of my opinion about Disney feature animation. I believe that computer animation can not replace 2D cel animation. The reason for Feature Animation's decline has not been because 3D animation is new and flashy. Pixar has made some huge technological leaps in this area but what has, in my opinion, driven Pixar's films to their success is the stories... NOT the animation technique.

Pixar has brought life to stories that had never been heard. Stories that are compelling, entertaining, and well written. Something that has been lacking in recent Disney films.

Disney began the tradition of using fables and stories that have been around for ages, such as Snow White, Bambi, etc. however there is one great difference in those movies, and recent Disney movies -- the recent stories aren't as compelling. Walt Disney took a great deal of time in developing the story of his movies, creating a world and style that enchanted the viewers. Those movies are still as compelling today, as they were when they were created. My three year old son enjoys The Fox and the Hound as much as Monsters, Inc. or any of the other 3D animated movies out now. He does not have the same fascination for recent Disney movies. I believe it is the story.

Please realize that we do want the tradition of 2D cel animation to live on, even in it's current incarnation that includes some 3D animation, and computer assisted cel painting.

Special Effects can make a movie interesting, but a good story will make a movie entertaining, enlightening, and lasting.

Thank you, Eric Vitiello Perceive Designs []

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