Tivo *has* revolutionzied TV viewing

CNN has an article entitled "Will TiVo revolutionize television viewing?". I say it already has.

I don't watch alot of television, but when I have time to, I like to have something I find interesting to watch. TiVo does it for me. It record the things I tell it to, and records things it thinks I might like, based on the things it knows I like -- and it doesan exceptional job of it.

What all this means is that when I have a spare 1/2 hour, and want to watch something I enjoy, there's always an episode of Friends, Home Improvement, or Will and Grace sitting in my TiVo, waiting for me to view it. I can even tell the TiVo that I only want it to hang onto a given show for a few days, and if it needs the space, it automatically gets rid of the show. Try to do that with your VCR.

I never switch tapes, I never watch commercials (because the TiVO lets me fast forward at 10, 30, or 60 times normal speed), I always have something good to watch, I never miss a show, I never worry about when something is coming on, all because TiVo turns my brodcast, time-fixed television medium into an on-demand, time-shifted, video lovefest.

Everyone should have a TiVo.